Market Update for April 2017


English Purple Sprouting Broccoli – Good quality, availability and reasonable in price at the moment. The season should run for another 2-3 weeks hopefully.

English Ramsons/Wild Garlic – This is still going strong and for seasonal produce at this time of year it’s an absolute must. Hopefully it will be available for another 2-4 weeks, fingers crossed.

English Jersey Royals – These are available now but still a little on the expensive side, the price should start to come down over the coming weeks.

English Asparagus - English indoor Asparagus is just starting to show now but it’s still very expensive and the supplies are not stable. The English outdoor season is still a good 1-2 weeks away yet but we will keep you posted.

Fresh Peas/Broad Beans – Not quite yet but they are just starting to appear on the market now however very sporadic in supply. Feel free to order, we will always do our best but please don’t be disappointed if they don’t arrive. Give it another week or so and the availability should improve.

English Outdoor Rhubarb – This is still really amazing at the moment, good supply and reasonably priced. Dark ruby red in colour and it has a slightly tarter flavour than the forced indoor Rhubarb.

French Heirloom Tomatoes – Now available again, good price and supply.

English Watercress – Still a good supply coming in, nice dark green leaves.


Blood Oranges – Season is now rapidly coming to a close unfortunately, they may be around for another week but we recommend starting to phase them out of your menu now.

Spanish Onions – The season is now drawing to a close and you may have to start discarding an odd one from each bag. We will be making the switch to Chilean shortly and the price will rise.

Potatoes – We are now coming into the difficult period for potatoes as the old crops are finishing up and the new is not yet underway. It is the same every year unfortunately, please bear with us. If you do experience quality issues, please let us know and we will try our best to source an alternative.

Lemons – The Spanish season will be drawing to a close soon and you may have to start discarding an odd one from each case. There will be a gap before the southern hemisphere fruits are ready and we can make the switch.

English Root Veg – Carrots, Parsnips, Swede etc. – Season now drawing to a close, we have another week or so left before we have to make the switch to European new crop which is slightly more expensive.

The Bill Bean App…

The Bill Bean App is now finished and ready to download! You can find it on both the Apple app and Google play store under ‘Bill Bean’. We will be doing our best to update the app as frequently as possible with short bullet points and current activity on the market.  All entries will also be dated so you can keep track on what was posted and when.

We have set up positive and negative tabs to display any good or bad news, we have also set up a specials tab where we will be posting any awesome produce we have available at great prices, one off offers and other bespoke, unusual produce which we may have only for a short time period.

Our goal is to try to get you connected to the market more directly, monthly market reports are great but there is often important changes weekly and even daily that it’s important to inform you guys of. Please have a look for yourselves and give us feedback as there’s room for improvement!

10. April 2017 Posted by The Bean Team
Category: Market Reports