Market Update for August 2017


English Summer Squash – Squash season is upon us and there is a nice selection of English squash now appearing on the market, great for soups and roasting.

English Pattypan Squash – From Kent, now available for something a little different, they look like small flying sau­cers. They come in mixed sizes which are available in yellow or a pale green.

English Courgettes – Reasonably priced and excellent quality.

English Round Courgettes – Available at request, sold by the tray only.

English Sweet Corn – Available now by the cob or cases containing 25-30.

English Chard – Red, White & Rainbow all available now, reasonable price.

English Peas & Broad Beans – All still available on the market, good availability, quality and price but season closing rapidly.

English Tenderstem Broccoli – Still good availability and supply.

English Iced Broccoli – Tight green heads, super fresh and at a fair price.

English Strawberries – Still available at the moment but the season should start to wind down shortly so take advantage.

English Cavolo Nero – Starting to appear on the market again but supply is still sporadic, feel free to order and we will do our best to source.

English Victoria Plums – Available on the market now at request.

English Cooking Apples – New season English Bramley’s now available.

English Baby Beetroot – Purple/Golden/Candied – All available from our grower in Norfolk. These are really special and highly recommended.

English Rhubarb – Still good but the season is now at the very end.

English Apples – Cox’s, Discoveries, Braeburn’s – Still not quite there yet but hopefully they will start arriving soon, we will keep you posted.

Isle of White Tomatoes – We have found a supplier for these tasty tomatoes but they are extremely expensive. They have classic vine and cocktail vine available. If you would like to order some we will need 48hrs notice.

Cob Nuts – French is available on the market now, English shouldn’t be far away.

Heirloom Tomatoes – From France, good quality and availability but the price is quite high.

Tomatoes – Vine, Plum Vine, Salad & Beef Steak – All stable in price now.

Red & White Onions – New season now well underway, nice set skins and nets should contain minimal waste, price is also very fair.

Stone Fruits – Peaches, Nectarines & Apricots – Still reasonably priced and excellent quality although the season is now coming to a close.


Italian Wild Roquette – We know a lot of you prefer this Roquette by the tray however the quality just hasn’t been up to our standard the last two weeks. We have been working the loose bagged Roquette which we feel offers you the best quality and consistency at present.

Oranges (all varieties) – These are still coming up very expensive on the market. The price should start to gradually ease up over the next couple of weeks but it’s worth bearing in mind, if using for juicing it will work out very costly.

Banana Shallots – We have just switched to new season French the quality is much better however they are very expensive at present.

Lemons – Still slightly pricey at the moment but for the best quality.

14. August 2017 Posted by The Bean Team
Category: Market Reports