Market Update for December 2016

Market Update for December

Please note the following changes on the market for the coming month.



English Brussels Sprouts - Now in full swing, stable supply. Christmas is coming!


English Brussels Tops - Dennis’ favourite, a great seasonal leafy green. Available now, sold only by the bag.


English Curly Kale, Cavolo Nero & Purple Sprouting Broccoli – Still great availability and value on these, supplies should run right through to the new year.


Root Vegetables - Turnip, Swede, Celeriac, Beetroot, Jerusalem Artichokes, all great value and quality, must have additions to the menu this time of year.


English Cauliflowers - Large heads with tight white florets and super fresh. It is a little bit pricey at the moment although the quality is outstanding.


English Savoy Cabbages - Large dark green heads, very fresh and great value.


Portuguese Hispi Cabbage – Beautiful sweet cabbages, another great green to accompany any hearty winter roasts.


Romanesco Cauliflowers - Still great quality and availability on these at the moment.


Baby New Potatoes - Italian easy scrapers are available as an alternative to our English Maris Peer. Outstanding buttery flavour, sold only by the box.


Fresh Chestnuts - Available now for Christmas recipes, sold only by the bag.


Cooked Chestnuts - Also available, Cooked sous vide and vacuum sealed, 400g packs.


Leafy Clementines - Available right though till the new year, bursting with flavour.


Fresh Cranberries - Available now, please specify ‘fresh’ when ordering.


Frozen Cranberries - Always available as a cheaper alternative, 1kg bags.


Quinces - Great for Christmas recipes and poaching, sold only by the box.


Bramley Cooking Apples - Good quality and reasonably priced at the moment.




Strawberries – Price is still sky high and supplies from Belgium will be coming to a close soon. We will have no choice but to switch to Egyptian or Moroccan.


Limes – Price is rising as we are between the Mexican/Brazilian seasons, once supplies stabilize the price should ease up.


Spanish Products - Aubergines, Peppers, Courgettes, Cucumbers etc. The price is very high for these product lines at the moment due to poor weather in Spain.


English Water Cress – Season should be finishing soon and we will be switching to French shortly, price may rise temporarily until the French season gets underway.


Please drop us an email to if you would like any more information on any of the produce mentioned in this report.

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10. December 2016 Posted by The Bean Team
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