Market Update for January 2018



Blood Oranges – Have been in good supply for the last two weeks, cutting lovely and dark, our personal favourite, highly recommended.


Serville Oranges – Season in full swing and available at request although the price is still quite high.


English Comice Pears – Lovely and juicy, these are really nice at the moment.


Quinces – From Turkey, still good availability, sold only by the box.


Fresh Cranberries – Still good availability, please specify ‘fresh’ when ordering.


English Curly Kale & Cavolo Nero – Still great quality and availability on these, price is also very good, lovely seasonal greens worth keeping on the menu.


Portuguese Hispi Cabbage – Beautiful sweet cabbages, another great green to accompany any hearty winter roasts.


Romanesco Cauliflowers – Excellent quality and availability on these at the moment, still worth picking up.


Tenderstem Broccoli – Still in good supply although the price can be unstable.


English Sprouts & Brussels Tops – Great seasonal veg, still going strong.


Root Vegetables – Turnip, Swede, Celeriac, Beetroot, Jerusalem Artichokes etc. Simply a must for value. Great quality and worth keeping on the menu this time of year.


Wild Mushrooms – Giroles, Chanterelles etc. We still have a good assortment available at the moment.


Winter Salads – Radicchio, Trevisse, Tardivo, Castel Franco – looking really good at the moment, highly recommended.


Heirloom Tomatoes – Excellent quality and varieties arriving on the market.



French Watercress – Supplies are still a bit scarce due to unexpected amounts of snow in the region.


Purple Sprouting – Has been a terrible season this year, would not recommend but we will do our best to source if required.


Strawberries – We have switched to Spanish, they are expected to stay stable in price for the next few weeks, the quality will only get better.


Yellow Courgettes – Extremely high in price, please avoid these.


Spanish Onions – The price has risen this week due to transport issues.


Oranges – We have had to move on to Moroccan for the time being and the flavour is not quite as good as the Spanish.


Padron Peppers – The price on these has shot up drastically this week.


Red Chicory/Endive – From Holland, the price has also risen a fair bit.


Coriander – Price remains high this week due to severe weather in Spain.


Fresh Sweet corn – Supplies are no longer stable and the price is high.


Leafy Clementine’s – Season now finished, and we have switched to Moroccan Nardacots which still eat lovely.


Please drop us a line if you need any further information on seasonal availability.

16. January 2018 Posted by The Bean Team
Category: Market Reports