Market Update for July 2018


English Strawberries – The season is now well and truly in full swing! The quality and flavour is astounding although they’re still a little pricey but for the absolute best quality fruit.

English Raspberries/Blueberries– Season is in full swing, prices will fluctuate but the quality is outstanding.

English Cherries – Now available on the market, they’re quite pricey but worth every penny.

Peaches/Flat Peaches & Nectarines & Apricots – Same as last month, the flavour is amazing with these lovely stone fruits, please take advantage as this is the best time of year for them!

English Tenderstem Broccoli - We have just made the switch from imported to English, the quality and flavour is outstanding, would highly recommend.

English Runner Beans – Available now upon request but the price will remain high for the next two weeks then it should ease.

English Peas & Broad Beans – Season is still ongoing, super sweet with nice full pods and the price has dropped.

English Celery – Season underway, price and quality are very good.

English Hispi Cabbage – Still a great green veg for the menu this time of year.

French Baby Veg – Carrots, Leeks and Beetroot with heirloom varieties also available by the tray or bunch.

Bunched Carrots/Beets – Great flavour and very good value at the moment, the carrots are only by the box, but we do sell the beets by bunch!

English Sweetcorn – Still not available yet but French cobs in the husk are still available and are excellent quality. English should start approximately the second week of July.

English Cucumbers – Still available, good quality and price.

Figs – Spanish black figs are now just coming into season. Supplies will be sporadic at first and price high until the season fully gets going.


Jersey Royals – Season now completely finished, please do not order. We have Kent Mids available as an alternative, good flavour but a larger size.

English Asparagus - Season is completely over please do not order and take off your menus, none available at all. We have switched to imported which is rather expensive.

Oranges – Price has risen this week and is set to increase further.

Please note…

Due to the scorching temperatures and lack of rain we have been having in the UK the past month, all the English crops have been affected! Please keep this in mind for the future as although it’s not affecting the price/quality at the moment, it will have a knock-on effect in time.

Our English grown salads will be tricky for a while but should ease. Vegetables such as Onions, Broccoli and Potatoes will take a while to recover! The price will rise due to lack of supply and the quality of the produce will also take a hit.

Here at Bill Bean we strive to always give the best product we possibly can at a competitive price but please bear with us over the coming weeks. If you have any issues with quality, please report it to our office within 24 hours of delivery to ensure a credit will be made.

18. July 2018 Posted by The Bean Team
Category: Market Reports