Market Update for June 2018


English Peas & Broad Beans – The season is now well underway, super sweet with nice full pods.


English Asparagus – The quality and price are both great however the season only has two weeks left to run, please take advantage while you can.


English Broccoli – Season now underway although the price is up slightly.


Jersey Royals – Still going strong and the price is very reasonable now.


French New Crop Carrots – Price is up slightly although excellent quality.


English Lettuce – (Baby Gem, Romaine, Iceberg) – Our supplier Mr Betts from Kent is now well underway with his outstanding produce. Although, like most other English growers he is off to a late start, his product is second to none and prices are down across the board.


Bunch Carrots/Beets – Definitely have a better flavour, only supplied by the box.


French Baby Vegetables – Carrot, Leek, Beetroot and Heritage varieties available now. Sold by the bunch or by the tray containing twelve bunches.


English Cucumbers – Season has been underway for a good few weeks now. Our outstanding grower from the Lea Valley is offering a superb product, lovely long dark green cucumbers.


Tomatoes – (Salad, Plum Vine, Cherry Vine & Beef Steak) – All varieties are now down in price. English varieties are also available, please specify when ordering and we will do our best to source.


Apricots – Are now on the market from Spain and France. These should definitely be taken advantage of this month, only supplied by the 4.5kg-5kg tray.


Peaches & Nectarines – From Spain and France, good availability on the market but the price remains fairly high.


Flat Peaches – Now available on the market at request, eat fantastic. Sold by the tray only containing approx. 4kg.


Figs – Spanish Black Figs are now in stock and the season and flavour will improve over the coming weeks.


English Strawberries – Season is now underway and will only get better!


Cherries – From Spain, available in a 2kg tray, supplies are now more consistent, and the price is down. English season is still a little way away.


Elder Flowers – Season is now underway however 24hrs notice is required as they are cut to order.


Fresh Gooseberries – Starting to appear on the market, beautifully fresh.





Potatoes – We are still in a transitional period between old and new crop potatoes. We are doing our best, please bear with us. If you have any quality issues, please let us know.


Purple Sprouting Broccoli – Completely finished, please do not order.


English Root Vegetables – The English season is now right at the end and we are switching to Spanish which are of good quality but higher in price.


Lemons – We have now made the switch to Southern Hemisphere although the quality is great the price remains very high for the time being.


Limes – Price has been through the roof this week and is set to reach outer orbit next week!


We hope you find the above information useful, please drop us an email if you would like and further product updates.

14. June 2018 Posted by The Bean Team
Category: Market Reports