Market Update for March 2018


Ramsons/Wild Garlic – The first cut has been delayed slightly by the recent frost, however it should get into full swing over the coming weeks. Feel free to order now however the price may be slightly higher until our regular supplier in East Anglia starts cutting.
French Jerusalem Artichokes – These are flying out at the moment, highly recommended for the cold weather.
English Watercress – From the Chalke Valley, back in season and the consistency has been a bit better this week.
Purple Sprouting Broccoli – Supplies seem to have been very good over the last two weeks and the price has also remained stable.
Romanesco Cauliflowers – Season still going strong, good quality and price.
Bunched Carrot & Beetroot – They have an excellent flavour in comparison to the trimmed and the price is also reasonable. Please specify ‘bunched’ when ordering.
Blood Oranges – These are still outstanding however, the season is now also set to wind down very soon so take advantage whilst you can.
English Asparagus – Not quite yet guys, but subject to the weather our grower in Norfolk should only be approximately 4-6 weeks away! We will let you know on the next market report as soon as the first spears start arriving.
Large Leaf Spinach – From France with large dark green leaves, minimal stalk and arriving very fresh at the moment.
Little Gem Lettuce – Supplies from Spain have been very consistent over the last few months. However, that seems to have settled now and should stay stable until our English grower Mr. Betts from Kent gets underway in mid May – subject to the weather.
Hispi Cabbage – From Portugal, great quality and still reasonably priced.


Spanish Onions – Spanish season is now ending, you may have to start discarding an odd one from each bag until we make the switch to Chilean shortly.
Tomatoes – (All Varieties) sadly the price is set to rise across the board, hopefully it will come back down over the coming weeks.
Cauliflower – Price has risen recently due to the heavy snow.
Curly Kale – Supplies are now starting to tighten up after an amazing run, we may have no choice but to switch to pre-packed soon which will be a higher price for a lesser weight.
Cavolo Nero – Season now also drawing to a close, we recommend Portuguese Hispi cabbages as an alternative hearty green.
Quinces – Season drawing to a close now, please phase out of your menu.
Capsicums – Red, Yellow, Green and Orange peppers are all up in price. You can always request class 2 peppers by the case if needed for chopping up or roasting. Please specify class 2 when ordering and we will do our best to source them for you.
Strawberries – Still great quality and flavour although the price has risen.
Pears – Italian Williams are now finished. We have moved to Packham’s from the Cape and the price is up.
Watermelons – These are sky high in price at the moment.
Bananas – Same as above, these are through the roof.
Turkish Pomegranates – Season is now finished, we have switched to Indian and the price is up unfortunately.

Give us a call…

As we value one on one communication with our customers, please note that our phone lines are always open to calls between 8am-11am, Mon-Fri. If you have an issue with your order or would like to request some product information or prices directly, call us on 0208 539 3636 and select option 2 from the menu to be put through directly to a member of our team. Don’t forget you can always drop an email to at any hour and we will usually respond straight away.

WhatsApp us…

We have also set up a mobile phone in the office now to act as a direct point of contact. Please add us to your contacts Bill Bean – 07801751096 – Please feel free to drop us a Text/WhatsApp with any queries. We will be available from 7pm right through to lunch time the following day and aim to respond instantly. Please do not place any orders via this platform however, please continue to phone the answer phone service or email us as usual.

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Just a reminder that if you would like regular updates of the very best seasonal produce we highly recommend downloading our app and following us on Instagram. We regularly update these with seasonal info & photos of our produce. You can follow us @billbeanltd and our app is available for download on both the Apple and Google app stores.

The boring bit…

Please remember that our final cut off time for delivery the following morning is midnight. This allows us sufficient time to process and pack your order with care. We understand that it can be difficult after a busy service but your efforts to do so is greatly appreciated.

13. March 2018 Posted by The Bean Team
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