Market Update for May 2017


English Asparagas – From Norfolk, now in full swing and should be included on all menus at this time of the year. Take advantage while it’s in season!

Fresh Peas/Broad Beans -  Good availability and price, another great seasonal addition. The English season shouldn’t be too far away now.

English Salad – From our grower in Mr Betts in Kent, we have the Baby Gem in stock now and the Romaine and Iceberg should follow shortly.

English Cucumbers – Season has now started, great yield, quality and price!

English Outdoor Rhubarb -  Still excellent quality and availability at the moment. With its traditional tart English flavour, it’s a must have for the coming weeks, take advantage while it’s here.

English Jersey Royals – Price is now becoming a lot more reasonable, definitely a good seasonal addition to the menu, sold by the 10kg sack.

English Watercress – Still a good supply coming in, subject to the weather.

Courgettes – Very good price at the moment, take advantage.

Chilean Large Onions – Even though we’re still currently working Spanish, we’re going to make the switch to Chilean within the next two weeks.

Apricots – Season is just getting underway now, still a little expensive but the price should come down over the coming weeks.

Peaches & Nectarines – Spanish season just starting, flat peaches should also be arriving soon.

Fresh Cherries – They are available now but still very pricey.


English Ramsons/Wild Garlic  -  The season is now completely finished, please do not order.

English Purple Sprouting Broccoli- Season is now finished, Tenderstem will be sent as an alternative.

Romanesco – Season is now rapidly drawing to a close, little to no availability. Please take off your menus.

English Carrots & Parsnips – Season is now drawing to a close, we will make the switch to European new crop very soon which is slightly more expensive.

The Bill Bean App…

Don’t forget that the Bill Bean App is now finished and ready to download! You can find it on both the Apple app and Google play store under ‘Bill Bean’. We will be doing our best to update the app as frequently as possible with short bullet points and current activity on the market.  All entries will also be dated so you can keep track on what was posted and when.

Our goal is to try to get you connected to the market more directly, monthly market reports are great but there is often important changes weekly and even daily that it’s important to inform you guys of. Please have a look for yourselves and give us feedback as there’s room for improvement!

08. May 2017 Posted by The Bean Team
Category: Market Reports