Market Update for September 2017


English Root Vegetables – Parsnips, Swede, Turnips, Beetroot & Celeriac etc. are at their best, a must have for the next few months. All fantastic at this time of year and should be included on your menu. All reasonably priced as well.

English Squash – Have been available for a couple of weeks now. Season still going strong. We have a wide variety available only sold by a mixed tray.

English Chard – Red/White/Rainbow – Readily available, very good quality and value. We highly recommend it.

English Curly Kale – Now available on the market in abundance.

English Cavolo Nero (Black Cabbage) – As above, also readily available.

English Romanesco – Amazing natural patterns on the heads, definitely one for a special dish indeed!

English Spring Greens – Still an excellent veg and reasonably priced.

English Sweet Corn – Has been a good crop this year, hopefully it will continue to run right through to the end of the month. Price is now down too.

English Broccoli – The price is now very reasonable and the quality is great.

English Tenderstem Broccoli – Excellent value this month, supplied only by the box.

English Purple Sprouting Broccoli – It’s just starting to appear on the market again and looking lovely, should get into full swing over the coming weeks.

English Apples – Season is now in full swing. Discoveries, Royal Gala and Cox’s are on the market now. English Bramleys are also at their best, plus the price is down. Please specify the variety you would like when ordering.

Turkish Black Figs – One of the Bean Team favourites, at their best right now and should run for the rest of this month and hopefully into early October. Reasonably priced, super sweet, large in size and highly recommended for September.

French Jerusalem Artichokes – Season just getting underway. Price is high at the moment but will decrease as the season progresses.



English Peas – The season is now finished, please take off your menus.

English Runner Beans – The season is now closing rapidly.

English Broad Beans – Same as the runner beans.

English Cauliflower – The price is now up slightly but only for the best quality.

Oranges (All Varieties) – Still pretty pricey for the best quality.

Peaches/Nectarines – Season is now closing and the price will also rise for a lesser quality product, avoid these.

Victoria Plums – The season is now virtually finished sadly.

Wild Mushrooms!

There is a lovely range of wild mushrooms available at the moment – From Giroles to Cepes, Pied Blue to Pied De Mounton, Chanterelles to Trompettes – We’ve got em’ all. They’re priced by the kilo, please check our app for current pricing. 24hrs notice is preferred as we get them in fresh to order daily.

As always, thanks for your continued support guys…

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15. September 2017 Posted by The Bean Team
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