• The Bean Team

Halloween Pumpkins

Just a quick memo regarding your orders for Halloween pumpkins this year. To ensure you receive the size and quantity you require and for us to organize correct packaging and transport, a pre-order is required.

All orders for pumpkins need to be placed by Friday 25th October. All orders will be purchased, packaged and dispatched for delivery on Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th October.

We cannot guarantee to fulfill any orders placed later than Friday 25th October.

There are three sizes available: Large, for bar tops and window displays, Medium suitable for tabletops and Small, for general decoration and serving bowls.

Priced as follows:

Large: £5.95

Medium: £3.65

Small: £1.95

Munchkin squash is available for decoration at 95p each. Please be very specific when placing your order, for example; I would like one large, two medium and four small Halloween pumpkins.

Thanks all and have a Happy Halloween!


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