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market update - February 2020

Please note the following changes on the market for the coming month.


Root Vegetables – Swede, Turnips, Beetroot, Parsnips and Jerusalem Artichokes – Great quality and value for money, perfect for the cold weather.

Brassicas – Cauliflower, Romanesco & Broccoli - Outstanding quality on these at the moment, the price is also very reasonable too!

English Rhubarb – From the Rhubarb triangle up in Yorkshire. The season is now in full swing but supplies of the best quality stems are still fairly high in price. The season is short however, so it’s worth taking advantage.

English Red/White Chicory – Excellent quality, grown by our local supplier.

Aubergines – Due to ease in price this week.

Blood Oranges – From Spain, still a must for this month's menu, the quality is at its very best, super sweet and they cut a beautiful ruby red.

English Purple Sprouting Broccoli – Has been great quality this week and looking good for the upcoming weeks.

Portuguese Hispi Cabbage – Still excellent quality and price.

Turkish Quinces – Still superb quality and price, take advantage as the season is now drawing rapidly to a close!

English Cox & Bramley Apples – Still readily available at a fair price although Bramleys have remained high throughout the season.

Indian Pomegranates – Even though they’re smaller in size than the Turkish fruits, they eat absolutely lovely and are very sweet in flavour.

Ramsons/Wild Garlic...

Our regular supplier from East Anglia will begin to cut in approx. 2 weeks’ time, subject to weather conditions, we recommend holding off till Early March for the best quality and price. We will send out a memo as soon as its ready.


English Brussel Tops – Season is completely finished.

Limes – Price due to rise.

English Cavolo Nero/Curly Kale – The season has come to an abrupt end; we will be switching to pre-packed 2.5kg boxes from Spain.

Watermelons – Have also drastically shot up in price over the last few days.

Raspberries/Blackberries – These are still remaining very expensive at the moment, please use sparingly.

Order cut off time

Please remember that our final cut off time for delivery the following morning is midnight. This allows us sufficient time to process and pack your order with care. We understand that it can be difficult after a busy service but your efforts to do so is greatly appreciated.

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