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Market Update - March 2020

Please note the following changes on the market for the coming month.


English Ramsons/Wild Garlic The season is just starting up and we have early supplies available at request. Our regular supply from East Anglia will be in full swing in a week or two, the season is very short, so we advise getting in early.

Watermelon/Bluemoon Radish – They both have a vibrant coloured flesh with a mild and slightly sweet flavour. Recommended for something different, great shaved into salads.

French Jerusalem Artichokes – Great quality and price, along with all other root veg we suggest taking advantage while there is still a nip in the air.

Brassicas – Cauliflower and Broccoli – Lovely samples on the market recently outstanding quality and the price is very fair.

English Purple Sprouting BroccoliSupplies seem to have been very good over the last two weeks and the price has also remained stable.

Romanesco – Still available and the recent heads are looking nice and fresh although its fairly expensive per head, better priced per case.

Bunched Carrot & BeetrootThey have an excellent flavour in comparison to the trimmed and the price is also reasonable. Please specify 'bunched' when ordering.

Blood OrangesThese are still outstanding; however, the season is set to wind down very soon so take advantage whilst you can.

Indian Pomegranates – Slightly smaller than the Turkish but the flavour and price is great at the moment.

Hispi CabbageFrom Portugal, great quality and still reasonably priced, a staple green veg.

Fresh Sweetcorn – We are starting to see nice parcels of fresh corn on the market.

English Cox and Bramley ApplesStill readily available at a fair price.

Stone Fruits Apricot/Peach/Nectarine - These are now starting to make an appearance on the market but it’s still too early for the best quality fruit.


Ginger – New crop, high in price but for the best quality, price will ease as volume increases.

Large Leaf SpinachFrom France is still coming in very expensive at the moment but good quality, super fresh with large dark leaves.

Yellow Courgettes – Price is extortionate, please avoid at the moment!

French Baby Leeks – Supply is very tight at the moment and it should stay that way until the end of April. We are doing our best to substitute with South African where possible.

Spanish OnionsSpanish season is now ending; you may have to start discarding an odd one from each bag until we make the switch to Chilean shortly.

Curly Kale - Supplies are now starting to tighten up after an amazing run, we may have no choice but to switch to pre-packed soon which will be a higher price for a lesser weight.

English Cavolo Nero - Season now also drawing to a close, we have switched to Italian which is great quality but for a higher price.

Quinces - Season is drawing to a close now, please phase out of your menu.

Watermelons – These are sky high in price at the moment.

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