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Market Update - October 2019

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Please note the following changes on the market for the coming month.


English Root Vegetables – Parsnips, Swede, Turnips, Beetroot & Celeriac etc. are at their best, a must have for the next few months. All fantastic at this time of year and should definitely be included on your menu.

English Swiss Chard/Rainbow Chard – Very consistent on the market at the moment, a lovely veg to compliment your dishes.

English Curly Kale – The super green is still going strong on the market.

English Cavolo Nero – As above still readily available as required.

English Brussel Sprouts – They are appearing on the market now but should really start flying out as we get into early November.

English Brussel Tops – A lovely dark green with a distinct flavour, starting to appear on the market now but should really be plentiful in a week or two.

English Broccoli – Super fresh and the price is now down for the best quality.

English Cauliflowers – Nice tight heads and the price is good.

English Tenderstem Broccoli – Great value and availability, supplied only by the box containing 6 x 200g packets.

English Purple Sprouting Broccoli – Just starting to show. Price is very high at the moment but should drop.

English Romanesco – Good quality and availability, definitely worth a look.

English Hispi Cabbage – Still going strong, a great flavoursome green veg.

English Kohlrabi – A fantastic addition to the menu for something a little different. The quality is spot on right now.

French Jerusalem Artichokes – Good availability now, reasonably priced.

Cooked Chestnuts – Cooked Sous Vide and vacuum sealed, a great time to start including them on the menu for stuffing and roasts.

French Pumpkin – Superb Quality and good yield with meaty orange flesh, great for roasting and soups.

Halloween Pumpkins – We will start taking pre-orders for these soon and will send a memo out early next week with pricing information etc.

English Bramley Apples – These are great quality at the moment and the price is very reasonable.

English Comice Pears – These are available at request, great for poaching.

Quince – These are now getting underway for winter and we have them in stock and available at request.

Cranberries – Fresh is available on the market but should really start picking up over the coming weeks. Frozen Kilo bags are also available which work out great value.

Jumbo Maris Piper – The best choice for chipping and roasting, the new crop is now well underway, and the quality and price is great.


English Heirloom Tomatoes – It’s been a good run, but the season is now coming to a close, we have some boxes left but once they’re gone that will be it until next year unfortunately.

English Berries – We had an amazing run this year but sadly the season is now on its last legs, we are in the process of switching to imported which will be higher in price initially on some fruit.

Hass Avocados – Price has seen a slight increase this month unfortunately.

Red Chillies – The price is still very unstable; we are supplying just over cost.

Yellow Courgettes – Still very expensive this month, we would avoid.

Peaches/Nectarines/Apricots – Season now closing, and the price will also rise for a lesser quality product, avoid these.

Turkish Black Figs – Finish very soon and we will have to switch to Brazilian which have very little taste and are very expensive in comparison.

Oranges & Grapefruits – The quality is good but still priced very high.

Lemons & Limes – Also still coming in a little pricey but for the best fruits.

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