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Market Update - September 2019

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Please note the following changes on the market for the coming month.


English Heirloom Tomatoes – This a special line we are working with the grower to develop, flavour is superior and we much prefer a local product over an imported. Supplies should run for a good few weeks and we highly recommended them.

English Squash – Also grown locally we have patty pan squash in yellow and green along with pale courgette, both available at request. Very unusual and the price is fair.

English Berries - Straws will run until the end of the month, with Blacks, Blues and Rasps looking to close just before.

English Salads – Iceberg, Little Gem and Romain Lettuce all set to run until early October

English Chard – Red/White/Rainbow – Readily available, very good quality and value. We highly recommend it.

English Green Gages – Also still available but season will be over very soon.

English Curly Kale – Now available on the market in abundance.

English Cavolo Nero (Black Cabbage) – As above, also readily available.

English Hispi Cabbage – Still an excellent veg and reasonably priced.

English Sweet Corn – Has been a good crop this year, hopefully it will continue to run right through to the end of the month.

English Broccoli – The price is now coming back down this week and seems to be remaining stable subject to weather.

English Cauliflower – The quality is good, but it is remaining slightly pricey at the moment.

English Tenderstem Broccoli – Excellent value this month, supplied only by the box.

English Apples – Season is now in full swing. Discoveries, Royal Gala and Cox’s are on the market now. English Bramley are also at their best, plus the price is down.

French Jerusalem Artichokes – Season just getting underway. Price is high at the moment but will decrease as the season progresses.

Hass Avocado – Price is now starting to come back down after the unusual shortage last month, it seems supplies are returning to normal in September.

Jumbo Maris Piper – New crop well underway, great quality and the price is is now coming back down.


Red Chillies – Price remains extremely high.

Sweet Potatoes – Very expensive for the best samples.

English Peas – The season is now winding down, please take off your menus.

English Runner Beans – The season is now closing rapidly.

English Broad Beans – Same as the runner beans. Very poor quality, please take off your menus.

Oranges (All Varieties) – Very expensive for the best quality.

Pink Grapefruit – Also paying a premium for these at the moment.

Lemons – Price is on the higher end for the right product.

Limes – Price is forecast to keep rising, it seems all citrus fruit will be on the pricey side this month.

Peaches/Nectarines – Season is now closing, and the price will also rise for a lesser quality product, we advise starting to phase them out over the coming week.

Pomegranates – Price is very high at the moment, please be aware.

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