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Pumpkin season!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Nights are getting longer, weather is getting colder and lets not begin to discuss the rain; but PUMPKIN SEASON HAS BEGAN! We are starting to take pre-orders for Halloween Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. As big as your as your head and as small as your palm! Size always matters!

Pumpkins and squash's are a great addition to a holiday inspired menu, from soups and purees, to grilled or roasted, even as an addition to a seasonal cake or tart! Just as some inspiration have a look at the video below, the possibilities are endless. From making a stir fry with pumpkin noodles or pumpkin purees! They can be sliced or grated onto pizzas or as Garnish on a carrot cake there are many interesting ways to incorporate them into a menu. Pumpkins are great for decoration but can also be used in many recipes and dishes. At such a good price and quality it would be a shame not to take full advantage of the Autumnal pumpkin season.

Good news, we can also provide most ingredients for these recipes!

Decorating your pumpkins can be a tricky feat as there is so much inspiration on social media platforms these days it's easy to get pumpkin envy. We have taken it into our own hands to demonstrate the three levels of decorating pumpkins. Our admin team have been working around the clock on pumpkin decorating with a the limit of just paper clips and black markers. This is our impressive outcome:

We will be sending out pre-order information soon with details on pricing and delivery information.

We wish you all a Happy Halloween from The Bean Team.


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