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Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Times have changed drastically with social media, technology and modern methods of communication. There has been an increase in demand for funky veg, unusual fruits and bespoke micro cress. These items will not be found in supermarkets so, that’s why we are here. Your wishes are our demands.

Speaking about wishes this was Dennis’s dream. To start a family that can work as an organic collective. Life was not as easy as it is now, Bill Bean started back in 1979 on Berwick Street market, Soho where Dennis would often work 18 hours a day travelling to and from the wholesale markets to source and supply the best produce for his loyal customers and local Soho establishments. He was well known in the Soho community for his remarkable stall displays and exceptional fresh produce presentations. With the best produce available alongside competitive pricing and lots of charm Dennis soon gained the recognition of chefs in London’s restaurant scene. Fast forward 40 years and Bill Bean now has an all-star team in place to carry on providing the same service, presentation and quality Dennis is known for.

From the streets of Soho to the current HQ in New Spitalfields, there is a solid team in place to carry out Dennis's dreams, aspirations and vision for Bill Bean. This can be seen through the customer platforms we have in place and relentless dedication we share to delivering the best service for customers. We do not strive for ‘big’, but passion in what we provide. ‘Small and personal’.

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Life and food as we know it have changed to suit all needs, preferences and tastes. As we are a food wholesaler we try to flourish as food does. We have made changes as a company and adapted to the changing trends. For example, paper is something of the past here at Bill Bean! We have gone digital and cut down paper usage by around 90%, by doing so we have not only saved resources but increased efficiency ten-fold. We care about the impact we have on the planet, not only are we going digital, but we are also investing in biodegradable plastics and packaging. (Click here to read more)

The Bean Team is a close nit family working together 18 hours a day 6 days a week to ensure your expectations are met and exceeded. With the birth of new software and mobile technologies we have developed new strategies and evolved as a team and as a company. With a new vision for fruit and veg and a solid understanding of the fundamentals we have tailored our business to suit new menus and new ideas.

We are not just a veg supplier, we are The Bean Team.

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