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Updated: Oct 18, 2019

With our market news app, monthly market reports and WhatsApp broadcasts detailing what's seasonal, cost effective and in abundance, efficient menus can be created. Our goal is to enable you to maximize your return on our core products and make them work for you. We are honest too; sometimes, in this game prices do go through the roof due to weather or transport issues and that’s just part and parcel of being a greengrocer. However, the key is in information, as a young team here at Bill Bean we utilize multiple channels to get this information across for you, warning of price increases and promoting special or affordable seasonal produce that can help save you money. Do you really want to plan a dish around yellow courgettes only to find out the price has just increased by 200%?

As we specialize in Local, Seasonal & English produce we have dedicated a whole section on our app to notify you which produce is being grown in in the UK. Supplying local produce benefits everyone. Buying locally helps build smaller business, reduces our carbon footprint due to less transport, and ensures the produce retains its flavour and freshness much better.

English berry and banana breakfast @balanssohosociety

Often, we see amazing deals and offers on the market that can really offer something different for a great price. By utilizing the special offers you can really start to make the produce work for you and maximize menu profitability.

A dish by @darkartscoffee using our baby avocados special offer

We have worked closely with our suppliers for many years creating a foundation of trust, they supply the best prices and produce for us year-round, and for us only the absolute best will do. For example, some will know that we recently had a special offer for our UK grown heirloom tomatoes which would be an amazing seasonal addition to any menu whilst supporting local UK farms and suppliers. By following our updates, you can get in at the right time ensuring maximum menu efficiency and optimal sourcing of seasonal produce.

Our UK Heirloom Tomatoes grown in Colchester

Our market reports are short and sweet delivering only the key information that you actually need to know. Keep an eye out for them, our driver will hand deliver them monthly when they are published, we also email them out the same day. For even more up to date information our app is available for free on both apple and google app stores which can be accessed with one tap on your smartphone. A new channel we are also now utilizing is our WhatsApp broadcasts, these are working out very well as it's crucial we are able to deliver the updates quickly, a quick ping via a chat message enables us to update you on specials or potential price increases instantly.

To start making your produce work for you sign up for the updates on the below channels:

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Download our app: http://app.billbean.co.uk

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